SUMS - Designed & Certified by Eclipse Technics

A revolutionary new way to install the JetWave™ Ka-Band FMA Satcom System

Current generation Ka and Ku band satcom systems are allowing for far greater connectivity in the air. However, this technology comes with the complexity that accompany very large antennas.

Modifying your aircraft to add a large antenna can ultimately result in significant fuel burn increases, reduced airframe life, increased costly and repetitive maintenance tasks, limitation of re-sale and/or leasing options, and impact on long-term service options.

Until now.

Light, non-intrusive

Total weight (kg/lbs) : 69-78 / 154-174
Dimensions (m) : 2.6 x 1.1 x 0.4


Aircraft reinforcements & associated fittings including skirt fairing assy.


Two attachment options : ARINC791 or Top of frames, KRFU inside or outside

Easy to install/maintain

150 man hours to install. Easy access to LRUs.

Cost savings

No structural doubler required : fewer part numbers, more efficient.

Multiple STCs

STCs for Airbus & Boeing. Ready to use on single-aisle & wide-body aircraft.

Adding a JetWave™ Satcom System to your aircraft? Let’s talk about it.

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